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Welcome to the Future of Full-Body Wellness

Light Pod Therapy


Full-Body Photobiomodulation Cold-Laser Therapy

It sounds futuristic...because it is! 

This cutting-edge technology is warm and relaxing and only takes 15 minutes. 

Thousands of light beams penetrate the skin, carrying this cold-laser treatment into every cell in your body, speeding up healing 4-10 times the normal rate. 

Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy with the Light Pod delivers a therapeutic dose of red and near-infrared light in an efficient  full-body treatment. When light is applied with the right wavelength,  intensity, and duration, your body's cells react by producing more  energy. So instead of just having enough energy to get by, your cells get a boost that allows them to repair, replicate, and truly do their  jobs.

Cold laser therapy—also called low-level or near-infrared laser therapy—uses low-level light energy to treat a wide array of conditions. A handheld version of this treatment has been used by medical professionals for years, but only recently has the full body pod become an option. Penetrating every cell in your body for maximum potential, it's faster, more effective and literally life-changing.

-Promote Cellular Repair

-Relieve Chronic Pain & Inflammation

-Rejuvenate your mood

-Produce Collagen

-Shrink Fat Cells

-Improve Low Testosterone Levels

-Reduce Fatigue

-Transform your Skin 

-Relieve Back Pain

-Decrease Tendinitis Pain

-Burn calories - Choose the weight-loss setting for an even higher calorie-burn


-Speed Muscle and Deep Tissue Recovery

-Improve Your Sleep

-Decrease downtime after working out

-Restore motion to tight and aching joints

-Decrease chronic jaw pain

- Decrease carpal tunnel symptoms

- Relieve diabetic neuropathy

- Decrease fibromyalgia Pain

and more

Our full-body cold-laser therapy light pod has multiple settings to choose from, depending which benefits are most important to you, so every session is completely customized to your needs. 

Designed and tested by leading medical, sports medicine, nutritional and fitness experts


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Debbie's Light Pod Testimonial

My Christmas Miracle

Three weeks ago I had my first 15-minute session in the Prism Light  Pod. Alicia had cautioned me not to get my hopes up for immediate  results since I’d suffered with Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis  for 30 years.

I was willing to give it a try as medications leave me with side effects that are worse than the disease.

I went in on Dec. 12th with a walker and service dog for assistance due  to balance issues, pain/inflammation, instability, weakness, and  overall mobility problems. I also had suffered terrible insomnia for  over a year and a half.

The light pod was relaxing, and I felt an  immediate sense of well-being when I came out so I asked my husband to  take me out for dinner rather than heading home for rest, which would be  more typical of me.

I went home and slept for nearly 10 hours!

I got up feeling not only refreshed, but strong and pain free.

I was able to get in and out of the bathtub without assistance for the  first time in months. 

I said “Goodbye” to the walker and haven’t needed  it since! I am driving again and went back to work. I’ve continued light pod sessions and am telling everyone I know. My friends  are in awe of the difference and are thrilled to have the “real me” back  as I had also battled depression and cognitive processing problems due  to the lesions in the brain.

I am grateful beyond words that Cryo  X and Alicia and Brad Mullins have found this “fountain of youth,” and I  feel like Jane Jetson - I went in sick and in pain; selected the  pain/inflammation tab; came out well!

Try it and tell your family and friends!


Are there age restrictions?

This therapy is 100% safe for all ages, but we choose to allow treatments for clients ages 12 and up. (Some exceptions can be made. Please call or email for details)

Has It Been Tested?

Yes! The U.S. National Health Institute has published benefits from low level laser therapy (LLLT) and photobiomodulation (PBM) technologies used within the Prism Light Pod.

This treatment is safe, relaxing and has no negative side effects. 

Is This a Form of Red Light Therapy?

A typical red light bed has several red fluorescent tubes that only penetrate the skin layer... The Prism Light Pod has more than 14,000 industrial strength red LEDs delivering optimized wavelengths and irradiance, making is strong enough to penetrate and heal your entire body and mind. 

Will It Make Me Sweat?

 There is no actual heat involved. However, the treatment will cause an increase in circulation, which can make you feel mildly warm and very relaxed 

Is there Downtime?

There is no downtime. You can carry on with your day as usual.

What do I Wear?

Clients are given safety goggles and then relax in the Light Pod pod for 15 minutes. Most clients prefer to use the Light Pod either fully undressed, or in their underwear. 

The more light that touches your skin, the more effective the treatment.

Keep in mind that if you use the weight-loss setting, you will shrink fat cells anywhere that skin is exposed. 

What success markers should I look for?

Pain levels for acute or chronic conditions, improvements in color or  texture of scars, improvements in skin texture and tone, quality of  sleep, energy levels, recovery time post workout, and energy levels  throughout the day are all good markers to track success.

What will I feel?

The lights themselves do not become warm; however your circulation  increases throughout the treatment, so you may experience a feeling of  warmth. You'' also notice a quick energy boost and feeling of euphoria.

Who should not use the Light Pod?

This treatment is not suitable for the following conditions: pregnancy,  epilepsy, active cancer, and anyone taking photosensitive  medications.

What should I do after my session?

HYDRATE!!  Water is essential for cellular processes, and your cells  will be hard at work after your session. Make sure to drink extra water  and eat well so your cells have all the fuel they need to heal.


How does it work?

Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy with the Light Pod delivers a  therapeutic dose of red and near-infrared light in an efficient  full-body treatment. When light is applied with the right wavelength,  intensity, and duration, your body's cells react by producing more  energy. So instead of just having enough energy to get by, your cells  get a boost that allows them to repair, replicate, and truly do their  jobs.

While the device is new, the method — using low-intensity laser to improve tissue healing — has been used by sports professionals for years, and the capacity of laser light to reduce pain and inflammation  has been known for almost as long as the invention of laser itself.

Photobiomodulation, or low-level laser therapy, has been tried in  numerous clinical trials, and these investigations demonstrated that  laser affects proteins in the mitochondria that are sensitive to light.  The interaction triggers mitochondria to produce more ATP, the energy  currency our bodies make use of.