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New Services are HERE! Special #1....


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

"The Ferrari of PEMF, providing the most effective cellular exercise"

Every  person is born with an electrical charge in every cell their body. When  you’re born, every cell is perfectly charged. Think of each cell in  your body as a battery, which holds a charge. 

As we age, cells tend to drop their electrical charge, and those cells become sick.

The  first sign of illness is usually pain. Chronic disease and pain are  always defined by a low electrical charge. Pain is simply a symptom of low voltage cells and cellular exercise provides the natural energy that your cells need to repair and regenerate. 

What  is Cellular exercise? By raising the natural electromagnetic field  around and throughout your body,  your cells are exercising. When this happens, your cell membrane becomes permeable, allowing waste to flow out and nutrients and oxygen to flow  in. The natural charge of your cells is elevated, restoring cellular  health. 

Charge  your cells, heal your body….Nikola Tesla was the first to demonstrate  this and his research evolved over time to what we now know as PEMF.  Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. He discovered that every cell in the body has an electrical charge and needs a high charge to remain healthy.

What can Pulse treat?

-Broken  bones/fractures. PEMF has been FDA approved for bone growth, meaning it  has the ability to restore broken bones/fractures to their original  healthy state. An FDA study showed complete healing in arm fracture on a  66-year-old man. His bone was fully healed in just 9 days!

-Bone Density and Joint Functioning.

-Muscles/Tissues/Ligaments Repair

-Pain Relief in for acute and chronic conditions...PEMF does it all!

-Stress  levels, emotional health and more. PEMF has been shown to affect brain  function and help facilitate repair of cells that may have been damaged  by extreme stress. PEMF can also promote  deeper sleep and relaxation.

-Performance/Recovery.  PEMF has been shown to provide the natural energy the body needs on a  cellular level to repair and regenerate.

-Immune  Support. PEMF supports the immune system by affecting white blood cells  for better defense against infections and foreign invaders in the body.

-Brain Function and Focus by promoting synaptic  response.

-Energy Level and Metabolism. When cellular charge is restored, your body will  regain its energy and ability to function properly.

-Circulation. PEMF has been shown to dilate blood vessels and affect the viscosity of blood.

 We recommend starting with a full-body recharge to ensure that all cells are functioning at optimal levels,  followed by attachments for a focus on individual areas as needed. We  can treat any specific area you need. Ex: lower back, knees, shoulder, head, etc. Because it reaches every cell in your body, we are also able  to treat internal issues as well, such as stomach, bladder, neuropathy issues, etc.


It is important to note that while PEMF does boost the charge of your cells, this is not the same thing as sticking your finger into an electrical outlet. That is DC (direct current) electricity and has no  benefit to the human body.

The  Pulse provides a natural electromagnetic field, exactly what your body  naturally thrives on and what the Earth naturally creates. 

The Pulse is simply putting that healthy charge back into any cells in your body that have a low charge. Our Pulse device is the most effective and advanced PEMF device on the market. 

What does it feel like? 

It’s a soothing pulsing sensation paired with a feeling similar to vibration. It’s not painful at all. Simply a sensation you’ve likely never experienced. Many clients become relaxed and fall asleep during their treatment. 

Comfort  levels vary depending if we are treating your entire body or using an  attachment on a specific area. We can treat any part of the body. We have customized attachments for any and all of your needs.

Because your cells are receiving high levels of oxygen, you may feel a sense of euphoria post-treatment.

How Often Should I use the Pulse?

Same as any therapy, accumulation is key, especially in the beginning. After your first session, your cells are charged up, feeling and performing well. However, that charge can begin to drop after a day or a few days  (depending on your condition), and your cells will need to be recharged.  Over time, your cells will begin to successfully hold a charge on their  own again, and your treatments will be complete.

However, many clients prefer to come in regularly for a full-body recharge to ensure that their entire body maintains a healthy charge. Pulse PEMF can certainly be a great addition to you weekly routine in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even when you don’t have a  specific injury or ailment you’re working toward repairing.

Prevention is the key to maintaining optimal health.

We offer specific treatment plans depending on your individual issues.

We recommend one-hour treatments for maximum results. However, we also offer 30-minute sessions. All packages can be broken up into 30-minutes if preferred. For example, if you purchase our 3-pack intro special, you can use three one-hour sessions or six 30-minute treatments.

Special #2....CryoSkin

Lose inches in minutes!

Slim, tone and reduce cellulite!

Slim, tone and reduce cellulite!


Cryoskin is a non-invasive treatment used for slimming, cellulite reduction, toning and CryoSkin Facelifts.

The session lasts 28 minutes and is done manually through a massage  technique. The session begins with heat and then a decrease in temperature to -8° for the duration of the session, effectively destroying fat cells.

Slim, tone and reduce cellulite!

Slim, tone and reduce cellulite!

Slim, tone and reduce cellulite!


Similar to Cool Sculpting but better! Why?

No downtime

Quicker Treatments

No Pain

Lower Cost


CryoSkin Facelift

This is a non-surgical, pain-free facelift! It uses cool temperatures to  widen the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. 

This increase in oxygen supply boosts collagen production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores and improves skin elasticity. 

A natural, non-invasive way to  look younger and more radiant instantly!



Try our CBD-infused gummies


Our clients are reporting deeper sleep, pain relief and complete mental relaxation. Our CBD candy starts at just $5 for 60mg and ranges all the way up to 3,000mg packs. We have every flavor imaginable!



Kathy Therou Balsly

I am hooked! I Love this place!! The atmosphere and the staff are wonderful and cryo makes me feel so much better!! It really helps with  my chronic inflammation!! I would definitely recommend you try it and see for yourself!

Vane Rodriguez

Best experience by far! Alicia and her staff made us feel so at home. We loved everything we did while at cyro-x. From the oxygen aromatherapy, to the compression massage and can't  forget the neck & back massage but also the cyro I loved it!!! Thank you for the experience. Can't wait to go back.

Tony Bradshaw-Cartwright

I had my bicep reattached at the shoulder on February 5, 2014 and have  had several back surgeries. I heard about Cryo-X through some MMA  friends of mine and since I was doing Physical Therapy just down the  street I figured I'd give them a try.  I could not have been happier  with my decision.  In three months, my rehab was complete instead of the  6 they told me it would take.  I had lost ten pounds, am sleeping  better than I have in years, and feel AWESOME.  I got a full release  back to the gym from doctor and owe the speedy recovery to cryo-therapy  from Cryo-X.  It is amazing what these sessions can do for your body and  all naturally.  I LOVE CRYO-X!!!

Anna Gilbreath

Great first time experience!!! Wonderful staff and love the atmosphere  in here! After being diagnosed with lupus, sjögrens and fibromyalgia  last year, I'm super grateful for holistic options that help my body  stay as healthy as possible. I can already feel a relief in pain, that  in itself is something to celebrate about. I definitely will be visiting  again!

Joy Basia Melendy

I GOT A PHONE CALL NONE OF US EXPECTS AND ANYONE WOULD DREAD. My doctor told me I had a malignant tumor in my womb. I had two unexpected surgeries in 30 days--CAN YOU SAY INFLAMMATION?!! That's when I heard about the benefits of Whole Body Cryo Therapy. I am forever grateful!

I did 10 Cryo-X sessions in the 12 days leading up to the second  surgery. Then after the second surgery, I did 3-4 Cryo-X sessions per  week for four weeks. I felt my body launch into HYPER-HEALING mode after each treatment!

Unfortunately, I went into immediate menopause, due to a complete hysterectomy to remove the tumor. However, what's interesting is that I had not one hot flash during the month I was doing 3-4 Cryo-X sessions per week. However, when I flew to the Oregon Coast for forced  rest, one month post-surgery, with no Cryo, I began having hot flashes five times a day! You connect the dots...

Just nine days post-second surgery, I was walking 30-90 minutes a day.  Today, nine weeks post-surgery, I'm running 30-45 mins three times a  week & doing weights two to three times weekly. I don't believe I would've been able to bounce back as quickly without the  benefits of Cryo. I am a believer and would recommend Cryo-X to help you  overcome any obstacles that may stand in the way of your best health. Thanks Cryo-X!

Sandra Brigantino Dillahunty

Change your life! Freeze! Being a cancer patient, having more energy  than I've had in the last two years . Chest wall recurrence , going from dark purple to light pink. Not just Cancer... Stage 4, breast, lung and  liver!


Jared Combes

Didn't know what to expect. Everyone there made me feel very welcome and comfortable. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about what they are  doing. Professionalism at it's best. Will be back many times in the  future. Would rate six stars if possible.

Riley Moore

The staff are incredibly friendly. They will know your name and  entertain you while you freeze. While the owners were among the first in  America to have a whole body cryo machine, they've staked their future on amazing customer service. Welcome to the 'Cheers' of cryo!

Rachel Gee

Went to the Cryo-X in Frisco. I got the full body Cryo and compression done. The staff was wonderful and made me feel comfortable. My muscle aches went away and I felt 100% better afterwards! I definitely  recommend.

Jim Bob Haggerton

Been freezing for about a week now and I can really tell a drastic difference in my pain and ability to walk on my leg. Super thankful!

Katherine Wooten

It is addictive the relief from joint pain is worth every penny! Also the staff will brighten even the darkest day. Their happiness is contagious!

Lindsey Trojack

Cryo-x is an amazing place. I have never had a bad experience. The services are great and have always helped me anytime I go in. I have migraines and the cryosauna helps to reduce or eliminate them. The staff are super friendly and helpful. I always feel refreshed and renewed when I leave Cryo-x. I won't go anywhere else. I will recommend this place to all friends and family.


Sami Plummer

I love CryoX. I had suffered my entire life with a crazy skin condition  that I have NEVER been able to get rid of. Doctors couldn't figure out  what it was or how to treat it. You can imagine all the RX creams I put  on it in the last 25-30 years!! Two years ago, when my skin condition  was at the very worst it had ever been, a friend suggested that I try  Cryo. Since CryoX is next door to a yoga place I frequent, I decided to  try it for 30 days to see if it would help. After 2 weeks, my skin had  cleared up completely. Not a single spot of it was left!!! I've been at  CryoX ever since. My skin has never been so clear for this long in my  life. The results I've gotten from regular Cryo sessions is  great....but what I really love about Cryo-X is the people! Super friendly staff. Always smiling, always professional!

Rebekah Stokes

I have had the best experiences with Cryox over the past year an a half.  I first came to CryoX with bruised ribs and a rotated pelvis from an  unfortunate incident that left me broken in my physical being and in my  heart. The women at Cryox went out of their way to make me feel  comfortable and invited, which is something I desperately needed at the  time. Alicia, Amanda Erica and Anne always took time to ask how I was  progressing in my healing. I could have gone to any cryo sauna, but  healing the body isn't the only thing that Cryox does. The staff is  amazing, always fun, loving uplifting and patient. They put people  first. I can tell that they are led by some amazing people.

Their  facility has always been clean, comfortable and a place that not only  caters to pampering people but also a place were community is created.

They  have created a brand that is known for community and caring for the one  standing in front of you. You will not be disappointed in visiting them  for all your health care needs.

They are a team that really cares about you and their whole community!

Kim Itzla

I have been going to Cryo-X regularly for about a year and a half and  would not willingly give it up. Between my workouts and running, I'm  pretty hard on my body and this really improves my recovery time. I  definitely feel it when I miss a day. It's not unusual to see  professional athletes in there during their off seasons, the benefits  are similar to an ice bath but much easier to handle.

The staff  is very customer service oriented, informative and friendly. I always  come out feeling better then when I went in and there is usually a lot  of laughter involved. Great place with great people!

Shelly Neal

I love this place. Freezing rejuvenates me after a hard workout. I stopped freezing for awhile and definitely noticed a difference. Freezing works! Just tried the Normatec boots for the first time and  will definitely add this to the routine.  The staff is the friendliest  around. They greet everyone with smile.

Borden Green

If you have any type of pain, inflammation, or injury, you should try  CryoX. When I passed this business last summer, I was curious, so I went  in and asked what it was. When the lovely blonde girl at the reception  desk told me about the possible benefits of cryotherapy, I was  skeptical. I tried it to see if I could tell if it did any good. I did  not immediately feel any different, but that evening I felt like a layer  of stress had been peeled away. I have fibromyalgia and have lived with  chronic pain since the early 1980s. I decided to enroll in a membership  at CryoX for one month and commit to regular treatments. After a week  and a half, my pain and stress were substantially relieved. I continued  for several months and then had to discontinue treatments for unrelated  reasons. However, to this day, 7 months later, I still have less pain  than when I started the treatments. This demonstrates to me that  cryotherapy actually heals the body and does not merely mask symptoms. I  will definitely go back for another round of treatments. I crave the  relief. I might add that the staff at CryoX are so nice and positive --  fun too. They make the experience a mini escape.

J.R. R

Began using Cryo-X after months of blood work showing problem with liver  markers.  Not only did I feel great after each treatment, but within 3  months my liver tests were all normal again.  The owners and staff are  wonderful---it is like stopping by to chat with friends.  They also  offer great pricing specials that make it affordable.  Love this place  and the people that run it!


Lila LeCrone

I have had rotator cuff surgery, and the range of motion coming back was really going slow. I have had several cryo-x treatments and my physical  therapist is amazed at the progress.
The people at the cryo center were amazing!!!

Danielle Boyd

After just two sessions I have noticed a small amount of feeling  returning in a location that I had surgery and haven't had any feeling  in up to this point. I think with more sessions the feeling may completely return! Other than that, I also feel super energized after  the session and sleep great at night! Can't wait to see what other results i will get from the cryosauna!

Erica Tompkins

I have Never been a morning person. However, after using the cryo-sauna,  I find myself waking up 2-3 hours Before my alarm  clock goes off feeling happy, awake and energized. I should also mention that I used to have difficulty even falling asleep.  Since using the cryo-sauna, my time management has Greatly improved as I  am able to fall asleep Much more quickly at night. Plus, the quality of sleep I'm getting now is So much deeper. My skin has become clearer, and my energy level is Amazing! The cryo-sauna has improved many areas of my health in a very short time period. I'm so excited about the good sleep I've been getting that I'd  be happy to continue my cryo-therapy even if Just for that purpose. I'm hooked!

Vincent Orso

Cryo-X is one of the best kept secrets! I've been a consistent member  for more than  2 years, and it's so refreshing to do business with such a  great group of folks. They really do treat you like a family member  instead of a paying guest. I've never felt like a number or just another  customer, and, in fact, have made several friends as a result of  freezing at Cryo-X. The friendly customer-focused atmosphere is evident  as soon as you walk through the door.

I freeze 4-6 days a week,  as I'm an avid runner (mountain biker, walker and strength training too)  who strongly believes in the therapeutic benefits of Cryotherapy. It  really works! As a picky consumer, I choose to spend my discretionary  dollars at Cryo-X, and have never regretted that decision. Cryo-X ROCKS,  and, yes, I'm proud to say I'm a "raving fan!"

Adriana Munoz

I've been going to do Cryotherapy for almost a month. Since day one, everyone has been super nice & helpful. Even when I didn't feel my best they always have an upbeat way of making you feel better. I have psoriasis & psoriatic arthritis & feel like it's been  helping my skin & my inflammation. I'm going to continue therapy, especially through the start of the school year.

Julie Shanks

Great experience! Great people! We bought a package deal and plan on  making freezing a routine part of our wellness plan. Thank you for  offering a great service with nice prices!!