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About Us

We're Well-Established


Established in in 2011, we were among the first to offer whole-body cryotherapy to the public. Since then, we've expanded into a full-blown wellness center, and we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technological advances in wellness. Our therapies are overseen by established medical directors, and our list of services is ever-expanding. 

We Offer Wellness on Every Level


We are a unique wellness center, specializing in pain relief, athletic recovery and pure relaxation! Our services reduce inflammation in the body, promote detoxing, accelerate the healing process, and give you glowing radiant skin! Look and feel your best!

You Can Count On Us


We go the extra mile to make sure you're well taken care of. We've been featured on the news, in multiple magazines and many other news outlets for our outstanding customer service and cutting-edge therapies. We pride ourselves in customer service and have been awarded customer choice awards on multiple platforms. Booking over 35,000 treatments per year, we have secured a place as a staple in our client’s weekly routines.